Print and Print Management are at the core of what we do, but printing things is only part of it.

We’re what advertising people call ‘integrated’ – we design, we create, we print, we manage, we deliver so you get everything done in one place not all over the place. Everyone on the same page – it makes sense when you’re printing things.

Our Process

It’s whatever you need it to be

We’re flexible, easy and fun to deal with. No two customers are the same, so every project runs a little differently. We don’t standardise things, but we’re on a serious mission to do rewarding work for you and us.

So we don’t mess around. Whether you want a full agency create-design-print-analyse-distribute experience or just want that leaflet printed.  We’ll do it well and love you just the same.

Our tools

“Printelligence” created by us to help you

There are some handy tools in our software suite and you’re welcome to borrow them. We’ve even made our own – Printelligence – which gives you immediate pricing for almost any print project.

You can compare local and overseas pricing in an instant, you can get a price for a project, compare results, and place a job in seconds. It’s world-class print management software developed by us for you because Genii is founded on technology and visibility. We think this software brings transparency to an often opaque market place. Which is a nerdy way of saying we won’t dud you.

So what does ‘more than print’ mean?

It means being creative. Sure, saying you’re creative has become a bit of cliché these days, but every cliché is based on truth and the truth is you have to be creative to succeed.

So rather than just doing what we’re told – taking a pdf of your layout and doing a bit of pagination, imposition and some colour correcting, we start by helping turn what you’re thinking of doing into something more, something a bit special.

Cherry pick, life’s easier that way

It’s good to be flexible, so we understand that you may not need us to do all of the wonderful things we can do. So simply pick what you need us to do.

We’re happy to re-design your ‘put this together after the kids went to bed’  Photoshop brochure so your customers won’t yawn when they see it. We’re delighted to run off some leaflets or catalogues for you. We love doing whole national or international POS campaigns.

Whether you’re a corporate, an agency or a retailer we’ll work with you to do the work you need done.