We are

Well, people say we’re great at what we do. We hit impossible deadlines, produce to crazy turnarounds, understand colour and all of the complexities of print, but you’d expect us to say that.  Perhaps what you wouldn’t expect is the rest of what we can do – print is just the start of something beautiful.

People who work with us say that we’re different, that we have a vibe and energy that doesn’t quite fit in the printing industry. We’re OK with that – we like to be different, and we are. We’re creating innovative concepts, doing great design, developing new marketing ideas, managing data, segmenting markets, dropping stuff in the right letterboxes and even inboxes.

We’re the team you talk to when you want a bit more than just printing. When you want something better looking, better designed, better thought through, better delivered. Something that works better for your business.

The Genii difference

We can’t claim to be exceptional at doing more than just printing without first being exceptionally good at printing and managing it. It’s a given isn’t it? After all the brilliance of any idea is largely in its execution. Maybe it’s that print attention to detail that helps us be really good at design and data management. Maybe it’s exactness about colour and imagery that also makes our thinking different.

Maybe it’s our background in having to be good, fast and affordable that helps us help you get more from your budget. To be honest, and we are, we don’t exactly know. Perhaps it’s all about having amazing and skilled people so lets talk about them.

Genii Hold Still
Genii Hold Still

Our team – top of the chemistry class

Team. Chemistry. It sounds like catch phrase time, but it’s people and how they work together that make the difference and Genii is no different.  When you have talented people pulling in the same direction then you’ve got something special.

We have wonderfully arty and tortured designers, encyclopedically knowledgeable technically savvy print managers, brainy data management and distribution guys.

But we have more than that – we have the best team, working together, feeding off each other’s ideas and working and listening to you. It’s chemistry you know – really it is. We are incredibly proud of our team and treat them nice so they’re nice to deal with too.

Genii Team Charter

We spend a lot of time making sure that Genii remains the most energetic, fun and rewarding place to be in print-media.  To that end we do lots of things for our team which both rewards them for being lots better than the average, and means that they (hopefully!) always love to work here.
After your probation period*, if you’re a full time employee, here’re some of the things that you can look forward to at Genii:

Gym Membership

We have an on-site gym here with some of the best equipment for all kinds of training available.  We have a few groups you can jump into (a cycling club, a run squad) and a PT who comes in and beats us up regularly.  In a good way.

Ironing Service

Everyone hates ironing shirts, so we have an ironing service at Genii to take care of that for you (not your aunty, best friend or second cousin!!). Drop your stuff off Tuesdays in our Dark Room, it’s ready Thursday. BOOM!

Annual Long Weekend

Instead of Christmas presents (which lets face it, are often socks) we take our whole team out somewhere fun to kick back and relax for a while.  No partners, just us, somewhere hot (or cold) lots of bottles of decent wine and usually a swimming pool.  We’ve flown everyone to Noosa, Byron, visited the Snow – where to next year?

Cool Office

We’ve spent a significant amount of money developing what we think is the coolest office space in the game.   We have Playstation’s, a games rooms, a chill-out zone, a cocktail and cigar lounge, an on-site café with amazing free fresh coffee, chocolate deliveries, a Reading Room, a Deep Thinking room, Paddle-boards and bikes to borrow in reception.  It’s awesome – come check it out.

Big Sister Scheme

If you get to director/leader level you get access to our Big Sister Scheme.  If you need stuff picked up (proofs, samples, your mum from the airport) our Big Sister can organise it for you.  She won’t get you drunk with her girlfriends though – but only because we can’t get insurance for that.

Team Building

If you work here, we’ll expect a lot of hard work from you.  But we also expect you to have fun – you spend too long in the office to not enjoy your experience here. Monthly team building events have included anything from go-karting, to golf, to archery to rally driving. There’s generally a bottle of wine or two involved as well – but not at the same time.  That would be asking for trouble.

Annual Party

We like to celebrate things here, and our Genii anniversary party (sometime in August) has become the stuff of legend.  We can’t talk about it here though – there’s rules.

Loyalty Bonuses

We believe in loyalty here and like to reward that with things to say thanks.  If you’re here for 3 years, we’ll give you 3 more days holiday every year.  If you’re with us for 5 years, we’ll pay for a holiday for you and your family to go enjoy yourselves.  We like to look after people as we want to find and keep the very best people around.

Charitable Giving

Business is about giving back as well as making money. A percentage of our profit is given to charitable organisations every year which are independently selected.

A few extra bonuses for you!!

Car Cleaning Service

It’s nice to drive a sparkly car so we’ve set up a car washing service that cleans your car for you once a month while you’re in the office beavering away.

Incentive Systems

In sales?  Great!  Us too.  We have one of the most generous incentive plans in our industry offering uncapped earnings based on merit.  If you’re exceptional (and our sales team certainly is) we don’t see a problem with exceptional reward.  Call us for details of how it works if you want to be a sales guru!

*Your probation period is determined by your role here, and is made clear on your employment agreement.