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Nice Words from our Clients

  • Organising the printing is the last part of my job, and frankly the bit I like the least.   But Genii make it so easy and they’re such fun to work with.  It’s always a genuine pleasure working with their team.

    Andrea Shastic – Lead Designer

  • I was initially skeptical as to how it works, but the principle of linking our projects with spare capacity in the market really works.  And no-where else can I get a price on all my print projects while I wait on the phone.  Amazing….

    Jon Trotter – Marketing Manager

  • We’ve been using Genii for our printing for 3 years now and they’ve never let us down.  I know sometimes this has cost them money (mistakes happen) but they have ALWAYS delivered what they promise.  Hope to deal with them for the next 3 too!

    Greg Pert – CEO

  • Genii are the best print business I’ve ever worked with.  They get me great prices, but are also great to deal with and it’s always fun to do work with them.  We started out just giving them small orders but now almost all our work is produced via them.

    Colin Portend – Managing Director

  • Print is the boring part of my job.  But these boys (and girls!) make it a pleasure. How they get the numbers they get on my POS I’ve not managed to figure out yet, but they do and they’re amazing to deal with.

    Melissa Shier – Lead Designer

  • Genii have a unique model.  We put all our print projects through their software and they generally save me more than 20% of my budget year on year when compared with what we used to spend.  The technology is amazing!

    Geoff Connor – Managing Director

  • We’ve never had an integrated services solution before where we can go to one place and get our catalogue designed, proofed, printed and then distributed with one point of contact.  It’s been a great time saver and we’re delighted with the quality of the products they create for us.

    Bob Mitten – Marketing Manager

  • We only use Genii for their creative expertise rather than their print side, but that’s only because we don’t print anything at the moment!  Their creative input has been amazing – our whole business has been impressed with their output.

    Mel Vergotten – Marketing Co-Ordinator

  • When Genii came to us and recommended we print and distribute a flyer to sell our product, we were skeptical as to how they would target customers for us.  The results were amazing, we plan to do a repeat run six times next year.

    Sue Tastle – CEO

  • I had no idea it was possible to target people who bought our particular product historically. It is invaluable information that enabled us to reach out to more of these type of customers.  The data-sets were free for us, and we learned so much about our customer base it was a game changer for our marketing planning.

    Mike Wu – Marketing Manager

  • Genii produced a series of off-shore products for us which saved about 50% of our previous costing based on last years production.  It didn’t even take any longer to get landed product back to Australia!  I’d definitely use them again for any of our offshore productions next year.

    Nick Clearview – Production Manager

  • We only used Genii for their distribution expertise because we already had the print collateral produced this time around.  They were amazing to deal with and ran a national distribution campaign so efficiently and professionally.  We’ll definitely be using more of their integrated services like print next time.

    Penny Smart – Managing Director

  • We used to use one of the big agencies for our creative and then a separate printer for production.  Bringing this together with Genii saved us 3 weeks in our approval and production cycle and we’re paying less than half for creative than we used to.  Delighted!

    Kate Smith – Marketing Manager

  • We’d never considered distribution of our catalogue before and used to just produce them for our stores.  Following a test of a controlled distribution via a simple postcode count, we are converts!

    Katherine Partho – Marketing Manager

  • I wanted to send a HUGE thank you for the delivery today! I’ve never seen the team so excited for a print delivery.  The team and I also wanted to thank you so much for the extraordinary customer experience on this project. We loved your guidance, support and really felt looked after all throughout the project – so thank you and everyone involved on your end.  We’re super pleased with the results and can’t wait to put our little mags on sale in March.

    Smack Bang Designs