How to make your Direct Mail have more IMPACT!

September 20, 2018 1:06 am

It may surprise you that even though we’re in the digital era, direct mail remains very effective. There’s definitely less mail today, so you can stand out more than ever. You just have to do it right. Many people will try direct mail and feel it didn’t work for them. In most cases they have ignored fundamental elements.

Direct Mail is an activity where experienced business’s have proved over and over that certain techniques do work. You just have to be clear about your target market. For most businesses it does not pay to broadcast to everyone.  Not everyone wants to hear about retirement homes, or baby supplies. Once you have a targeted audience you need to focus on the incentive and the offer your pitching. Like free trials, interest free credit, free gifts, free upgrades etc.

Many profitable charities can send out award winning direct mail pieces with low response rates. At the other extreme personalised campaigns with generous offers to established clients regularly gain response rates of 25% or more. A business that gave away a free pair of shoes with every booking had a response rate of over 80%.

In itself, it’s not the response rate that’s important. The critical measures are the ROI, the response verses the breakeven point and the response verses the campaign objective.

Some great points to make your next Direct mail campaign shine:

  • keep your text simple. Too wordy and you’ve lost them. Too busy and it’s too hard to read.
  • Make sure your offer is clear and upfront
  • Use a money back guarantee if possible
  • Use credible testimonials
  • Make sure you use the word ‘You’ multiple times – this make it more personal.
  • Have a great hook line to draw them in.
  • Use photographs rather than illustrations.

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Article taken from VoPP mag (Winter 2018 edition)

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