Christmas Party 2017 Genii Style

November 13, 2017 10:33 pm

2107 has been a Very Big Year, by all accounts. As it rolls towards a close we thought we’d make this Christmas Party count.  Chartering a boat to fit our merry band for a cruise up the Hawkesbury River seemed to fit the bill.  (Mental note for next year, starting to drink beer at 11am on a boat is a very dangerous thing to do when you’re the wrong side of 40). We cruised up the water and in the process enjoyed a few cold glasses before settling in for the afternoon at Peats Bite – a stunning restaurant on the water that you can only reach by boat or sea-plane.  An amazing 7- course meal (and about 200 bottles of wine) later we rocketed back to civilisation and a night in the Newport to finish things off. Certainly a contender for the best Genii party in 8 years – quite an incredible experience for all concerned and will be hard to top next year! Merry Christmas everyone.

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